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Power generation is one of the core activities in the TrønderEnergi Group.
The company is headed by CEO Ståle Gjersvold.

TrønderEnergi produces 2.1 TWh annually. This corresponds to the consumption of all of Trondheim city for a whole year. In addition, TrønderEnergi Kraft AS is operator for an additional 1.2 TWh.
The company is wholly or partly owner of 18 hydropower plants and 4 wind farms, and is one of Norway's most efficient power generation companies.

Production of water and wind power employes 75 committed and competent employees.
Together we produce renewable energy for a better society. We always focus on exploring new and smart solutions - for the best of the future.

TrønderEnergi is one of the largest locally owned utilities in Norway, owned by 24 municipalities in Mid Norway, NEAS and KLP .

TrønderEnergi has its roots in the local communities.

Being open, brave and responsible to create, manage and operate tomorrows energy solutions enabling the green change.

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