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Energy Management

TrønderEnergi has a long track record of developing new optimization models, analysis and trading systems together with industrial partners and research communities. From the beginning of deregulated markets in 1991, we have acquired extensive knowledge in the Nordic energy markets.

Combining the responsibility of controlling the power plants together with production planning and physical power trading, we are in a unique position to react in the markets 24 hours 7 days a week.

Our department of energy management is located at Berkåk, south in Trøndelag county. Here we have followed the market development and managed an increasing portfolio for the last 30 years. Today TrønderEnergi’s Energy Management is operating an annual production of 3,5 TWh.


Going forward

TrønderEnergi acknowledges how unregulated energy production and shorter timer resolution will influence energy markets. TrønderEnergi has started the transition to the Digital Management of renewable assets, and received Powel’s Innovation Award in 2016 for developing new tools for improved wind power balance handling by using machine learning algorithms. By combining SCADA data collection and analysis with machine learning algorithms to forecast production and imbalance, TrønderEnergi aims for a leading position within operating and trading wind power in Norway. We are continuously focusing on further development and smart solutions for using big data to improve our energy management services.

The technical management service includes


  • Monitor 24/7, 365 days a year

  • Alarm detection, risk evaluation, action initiation

  • Condition analyses

  • Collaboration with O&M personnel at site



  • Wind and climate measurements

  • Use of advanced algorithms for production forecasting

  • Technical planning and production prognosis


Physical power trading in the following markets:

  • Day ahead - Nord Pool Spot

  • Intraday – Elbas or other market places

  • Balance markets

  • Market and resource analysis

Energy Management
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