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About TrønderEnergi

TrønderEnergi strives to create value through environmentally friendly production and distribution of energy for the benefit of the local region. The Group generates annual sales of approximately NOK 1.7 billion and employs around 450 staff. TrønderEnergi is organised as a group where TrønderEnergi AS is the parent company of a number of subsidiaries. The Group has five energy business areas: Production, Networks, Customer, Renewable, and Trading.

The business area Production is responsible for power generation and  produces around 2.1 TWh each year, of which 200 GWh derives from wind power.

The business area Trading sales to the wholesale market and ...

The business area Networks (TrønderEnergi Nett AS) is responsible for energy transport, and the construction, operation and maintenance of the regional and distribution grid. The company has just over 130,000 distribution customers. TrønderEnergi Nett owns the subsidiary TrønderEnergi Elektro AS whose activities include external installation, street lighting and fitting activities. TrønderEnergi Nett AS is 15% owned by Kommunal Landspensjonskasse (KLP) and 85% owned by TrønderEnergi AS.

The Customer business area comprises TrønderEnergi Marked AS, which is responsible for power sales to the end-user market (53,000 customers), and TrønderEnergi Service AS which is responsible for the Group's customer services.

TrønderEnergi is owned by Nordmøre Energiverk AS and 24 local authorities in Sør-Trøndelag.