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The power market in Norway is divided in two. The grid operatores and the electricity suppliers. 

The grid company owns the power grid and the electric meters in its license area. This means that you must have a grid rental contract and pay a grid rental to TrønderEnergi Nett when you live in our area. The grid rental is the transmission price, divided into an annual fixed fee and an energy charge of each kilowatt hour (kWh) used by the customer. In addition to the grid rental there are government charges, which make up a substantial part of the total.  

As grid owner we have a duty to supply you with electricity until you get a contract with an electricity supplier. This duty is called "Leveringsplikt" (Electricity supplied under statutory duty). This is only ment to be a temporary arrangement. "Leveringsplikt" can be more expencive than the electricity purchased from an ordinary electricity supplier.

When it comes to electricity ​, there are several companies to choose from. You enter into an agreement directly with the electricity supplier of your choice. You then pay an amount relative to the amount of electricity that you use.  

The market price of electricity is determined at the Nordic power exchange Nord Pool. In addition each product/company has a fee.
 Norwegian  English
 Måler  Meter
 Målernummer  Meter number (in your fusebox)
 Målerstand  Meter digits
 Målepunkt ID  Meter identification (at your invoice)
 Nett  The power grid  
 Nettleie  Transmission cost/fee
 Strøm  Electricity
 Leveringsplikt  Duty of delivery (electricity supplied from the grid owner at a higher cost than from  an ordinary elecricity supplier).
 Kundenummer  Customer number
 Sikring  Fuse
 Sikringskap  Fusebox
 Siffer  Digit
 Faktura  Invoice (bill)
 Lese av  måleren  Read the meter
 Avlesning  Meter reading
 Forbruk  Consumption
 Å forbruke  Consume
 Stolpe  Pole
 Ledning  Wire
 Kabel  Cable
 Utgifter  Expenses
 Forfallsdato  Due payed
 Betaling  Payment

Din Side
Din Side is a web page where you can manage your own account. It allows you to be updated on your electricity consumption, prices, invoices, etc. 

If you are a customer of TrønderEnergi Nett AS (the power grid),  go to TronderEnergiNett.no and then "DinSide".

If you are a customer of TrønderEnergi Marked AS (electricity), go to TronderEnergi.no and then "DinSide".
Reading of your electricity meter 
In order to ensure that your invoice is correct every time, it is important that you read the meter, and submit the reading to your local grid owner. You can submit the reading on web (DinSide), by SMS or call 07250 and press 1 for our automatic phone. See TronderEnergiNett.no. 
When a person is moving into a new flat or house we need the persons name, birthdate and phonenumber. In addition we need the meter number, meter stand and moving date.

Call us 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
  • TrønderEnergi Nett AS (the local grid owner): 07250  (+47 73 54 15 77)
  • TrønderEnergi Marked AS (electricity company): 07273  (+47 73 54 17 00)

Customer Service